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Lee Miller

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The extraordinary story beyond the battlefields of the Second World War through Miller’s breathtaking photographs of the women whose lives were affected

Lee Miller was one of the most remarkable female photographers of the 20th century, demonstrating an extraordinary diversity and evolution of style. Her images from the Second World War, taken primarily for Vogue magazine reflect her unique insight both as a woman and as a photographer capable of merging the worlds of art, fashion and reportage in a single frame. Featuring a wide selection of her wartime photography, this book offers a unique account of the impact of the conflict on women's lives in Britain and across Europe, as well as tracing Miller's personal wartime transformation from studio fashion photographer to front-line war correspondent.

'A magnificent biography'
Literary Review

'Proof that the photograph is often more powerful and intense than the moving image'
Observer (Books of the Year)

'Highlighting the story beyond the battlefields, this is a fascinating collection of images and a fitting tribute to one of the 20th century’s most important photographers'

'Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words … tells the story of this remarkable woman with great frankness'
The Times
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